Blarney Castle gets a blue makeover for Autism awareness

Light it Up Blue – 2nd April 2015

April is World autism Awareness Month and, as part of this awareness campaign, this Thursday is Light it Up Blue time.

Here in Cork some of the landmark buildings will be lit up in blue light once darkness descends. This campaign will be taking place right across the world on Thursday, so get looking out for those buildings that turn blue to mark the event.

I am fortunate enough to work with Marion Courtney and her award winning fund raising team at Cork Association for Autism. To highlight the “Light it up Blue” Campaign,  Paul O’Sullivan at Blarney Castle kindly arranged for the famous tower to be lit up blue and off we went to catch some promotional images.


Glad to see it was all worthwhile, having hit the newspapers here in Cork (click link)

So please watch 0ut for those blue buildings on Thursday 2nd April and make a donation in support of Autism, wherever you may be.

To see more of the wonderful work that is undertaken by Cork Association for Autism just visit their official site.


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