One Four Challenge Bonanza

Here we are in week 4, so I thought I would fill out this month’s collection by posting an almost mandatory black and white version of the daffodil bud covered in rain droplets.

Monochrome Daffodil Bud bathed in droplets
Black and White Baubles

Being the last week of the One Four Challenge and to avoid a clash with the usual monthly poll, I include a gallery of images from the March One Four Challenge and ask you to select your favourite.

Here they all are:

Please vote here, just a single vote each. I would also love to hear any feedback through comments.

Thank you for voting and thank you Robyn G for hosting the challenge, MM πŸ€


10 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Bonanza

  1. Very difficult choice, MM! I love the “Sign of Spring” but your black and white is just stunning too…
    Sigh… you truly do not believe in making our lives easy, do you? πŸ˜‰


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