Weekly Photo Challenge – IV

The final entry, just before the gates come down, for this week’s photo challenge “Wall‘, comes from here in Cork City.

Thought I should leave with a local flavour.

Personally when it comes to the Irish walls I would favour the old, moss-covered variety. When it comes to more modern art on walls, I do think that Guido Van Helten takes some beating.

Now for the next photography challenge.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – IV

    1. Thanks Ana, all is good over here, bright and spring like. The Hound has almost forgiven us for leaving him for a few days and back to his old tricks. How is Stockhom? Hope you enjoyed the weekend. MM 🍀

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      1. Stockholm is windy and Cold….I just cant wait for warmer weather!
        I want to get going on my balcony! With all my plants!!!
        have a nice start to the new week!

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      1. All good MM… Well we have scorcher heat here. Enjoy spring.. I love viewing your photos MM .. They are awesome


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