Another wall in Wroclaw, daubed in graffiti

Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall II

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Wroclaw in Poland. Another country, another language, another education.

Tying in with this week’s photography challenge of ‘Wall”, I give you three images of Wroclaw providing three different glimpses of the city and its history.

The first is taken on the main square, Rynek, with one of  the walls of the impressive buildings that line the City’s centrepiece. The features painted on to this facade reflect noble times of glory and splendour, both in the rich colour and design.

Moving to the neighbouring Salt Square (pl. Solny), one can find on its edge a wall with the mural of Bruno Schulz, a celebrated Polish writer. Shulz was also a Jew and many of his works were lost in the Holocaust. He himself was shot dead while walking home with a loaf of bread in 1942 (source – Wikipedia)

For my next wall we move to the banks of the Odra River by the Hotel Tumsk. An old wall in a square block of grey concrete. A reflection of the communist era. Now littered with graffiti, the door seems firmly shut and the windows barred.

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My three walls, all telling a different story in the history of Wroclaw, Poland.

To see further details on this weekly photo challenge why not see what it is all about: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

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