January Photo Poll Results

Perhaps I am aptly using the words of Victor Meldrew when I have to confess that “I don’t believe it“.

Once more one of my favourites languishes at the bottom of the pile, while the winner is one of the last choices to be included in the line up. I guess I am not seeking the popular vote with my own choices.

So here are the top three as chosen by readers, starting with the winner, ‘Defiant Gorse’:

Gorse flower in the snow, Cork
Defiant Gorse


In second place was my second choice image, ‘Copper Beech’:

Beech tree in the snow
Copper Beech

And in third place was ‘Weighed Down’:

Snow laden on leaf
Weighed Down

It’s a good job I have got all of you out there letting me know what people really like  😳. Once again thank you all for voting. 😎

For anyone interested my own favourite is ‘Snow Abstract‘.


10 thoughts on “January Photo Poll Results

  1. Funny how that works, eh? As far as snow images go, I liked your Snow Abstract too! Followed closely by Copper Beech… Oh well… they are all winners in my book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers Dale, well we can agree anyway. Have to crack open something to celebrate that. Hope you are doing ok with the snowfall an that the strapping sons are putting their young muscles to good use for you. MM πŸ€

      Liked by 1 person

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