Tree in the Sand

A bit of a bonus post for the weekend courtesy of The Wife.

Come here and take a look at this tree on the beech she cried.

I pointed to a piece of seaweed, its shadows doing its best to turn it into something resembling a tree. No not that. So we walked on until we found it.

What can I say, the tree in the sand:

water channels in the sand forming the shape of a tree - an artistic image
Tree in the Sand

ok, fair enough, taxi for Grant………πŸš–

15 thoughts on “Tree in the Sand

      1. I did… spent most of it recuperating from a nasty cold. Man did it snow yesterday ~ ALL day! Went out with Zeke this morning and nearly froze my toes and fingers off… the wind was quite biting today. Didn’t go too far as a result and couldn’t take any photos. Camera decided it didn’t want to play in the cold either!


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