Boat Helmet

Exactly one week after the snow, I returned to Midleton in County Cork to complete the job that had to be called off due to the weather. How conditions had changed.

Instead of a grey shroud and a blanket of snow, the area was bathed in sunshine and the sky provided a rich, deep blue background. Here is an image from that day, an upturned boat lying by the side of a tidal inlet.

Upturned Boat
Upturned Boat

This place is  the same area in which last year’s shot “Faded Colours” was taken.

Have a great week, MM 🍀

9 thoughts on “Boat Helmet

      1. Yeah! It’s getting lighter here as well! So good!!!! Are eating breakfast in broad daylight from now on. And coming home from work too.
        But today it started to snow where I live too. Not much yet, but but…! If I try to keep up the spirit a bit, it might result in some new snow-pictures.
        Im pretty bone-idle sometimes…


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