Copper Beech

Not a title you might expect to find in my ‘Snowy Series’. However, in a landscape of dark bare trees and swathes of snow cloaked in an overcast sky, there was not much in the way of colour. The old leaves of the beech tree, hanging on in growth towards the base of the trunk added that splash.

So Copper Beech it is!

Beech tree in the snow
Copper Beech

To celebrate our one morning of snow last week I am running a series of images of snowy scenes, all taken from that morning. Yesterday’s image was entitled ‘Celebrating Snow‘.

Hope you enjoy these.

MM πŸ€

29 thoughts on “Copper Beech

    1. Jots, that is so kind of you and an image I really like myself. Our tastes are a little similar I feel. Hope the new year has gotten off to a cracker and that you are nicely settled into your new place?? MM πŸ€


      1. Oh MM…I love my new place…painting (art stuff and interior), digging in garden, roofing, pegging wash…love love love. Cracker start? With a bang! Thank you, Love, for your comment. PS I have not forgotten about the photos (yours) I’ve copied. They are in the “think” tank as far as new watercolours go…….RR

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