Wilting with the Weight

Day 3 of the snowy series and a shot of a leaf laden with snow.

For this image I had to rush back down to the car in order to grab the flash to get any detail in the leaf, such were the dull conditions and effect of the snowy backdrop. Probably still undercooked it a bit, but I like the overall effect that has resulted


Leaf full of snow
Vein Struggle

Would welcome any comments you may have on this image and I hope you are enjoying the series. Certainly the conditions helped me get back my mojo.

MM  🍀


4 thoughts on “Wilting with the Weight

    1. Thank you so much Jots. Again the backdrop was a key feature, getting the other sprigs sufficiently out of focus to provide a pleasing curtain effect. 👍 Am I starting to think too much ability these shots? 😳


  1. Glad you got that shot in the arm (so to speak). Great shot, to me the background belies the image as it looks for all the world like satin fabric behind the ice clad leaf. A contradiction 🙂


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