One Four Challenge

Just squeezing in before the end of the week for the One Four Challenge hosted by the eponymous Robyn G.

This is a great challenge for anyone looking to develop their processing skills and artistic side, so I would encourage other photographers to join in the challenge.

This week has been busy, but the rain caught my attention. As my fingers rattled Β the keyboard Β and mouse, the unrelenting sound of the rain beating against the window underlined the wintry month of January. Inspired by the rain here is my entry for week 1 of the January 2015 Β One Four Challenge.

Droplets on a window, tinted purple
Week 1 of Rainy Days

I will post the original at the end of week 4 of the challenge.

Have a great weekend. MM πŸ€

36 thoughts on “One Four Challenge

  1. Hello and congratulations! I have just given you the Very Inspiring Blog Award. Of course, you are under no obligation to accept it, but if you do please visit my blog to find the award and the rules for acceptance. Whatever your decision, let me thank you for being a constant inspiration to your readers! πŸ™‚


  2. Looking forward to the future of this one, a different image to most but I like it, particularly the purple. Why purple ? any reason or like most things ‘just because I liked it’ ? πŸ™‚


    1. I just tried playing around with the sliders in Lightroom to see the effect and quite liked the brightness of the tone in contrast with the misery of the weather. So I stuck i t in the One Four Challenge and now have to try and do a few versions! 😞 Cheers for commenting once again Lee, MM 😎


  3. Purple Rain…are you a Prince fan?
    I have tried to take photographs of raindrops on a window before…never turn out as clean as these! Wow. Always look forward to your posts, I like how you think πŸ™‚


    1. Carrie, that is so nice of you to say so – I am flabbergasted. As it happens I do have that track, but what not describe myself as a Prince fan, just like some of his stuff. I guess my favourite band would be Queen, such poetry, such variety…..

      Have a great week.

      MM πŸ€


      1. Didn’t mean to startle you with my comment…I just appreciate your creative choices. And, I agree, I am not a Prince Fan but some of his stuff is great. Queen! Yes, incredible. My favorite musician is Josh Ritter, insane talent in terms of song writing and melodies. Love that guy. He is not as HUGE as Queen but poetic all the same.


      2. Amazed, tater than startled and gratefully received ☺️. Have one Josh Ritter album. At the moment still playing Kodaline’s album to death. Great lyrics here too. Have a great day Carrie, we might even be getting snow. MM ❄️

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