One Four Challenge – Week 3

Already into Week 3 and this time I thought I would add a bit of colour back into the black and white, but look to retain a cold look, as if it is the moon providing the light rather than the setting sun.

Trees looking cold
The Cold Wintry Look

Be interested to know your own views on this one. In the final week I will include a poll so you can vote and let me know which one was your choice of the four (or indeed the original).

For now, my other images can be seen at December Week1 and December Week2. To find out more on this challenge hosted by Robyn G you can always head to One Four Challenge.

29 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Week 3

  1. John this is a great version this week.
    I know I can hear a wolf howling in the distance at the full moon.
    I can see this on the cover of a book ( imagine a portrait layout – go with me here) with the silhouette of the wolf on the side of the hill πŸ˜€
    Nice work!


  2. What a great idea, adding a frosty feel. I do feel like the grass tuffs are not as pronounced as in previous edits and miss them, I love that feature of this photograph. But, that said, it is a beautiful image with a gorgeous frosty light.


  3. I love the frosty feel about the image and the blue light just makes it so much colder and moody ..almost like a very bright cold moon envelops the landscape ..I like this week image, John, very much !😊


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