One-Foot The Hearth Stealer

She may be just four months and a fraction of the size of The Hound, but it didn’t take long for One-Foot to bully him out of the prized fireside spot.

Here she is, looking pleased as punch with herself while the Hound licks his wounds on the landing.

Beagle with paw blanket
Pampered Pooch

Of course while she may look as cute as can be, her teeth are sharp, she knows how to get attention and she takes a lot of pampering. So just because a puppy may look cute, don’t go and get one just because it is Christmas – you may be in for a nasty surprise.


32 thoughts on “One-Foot The Hearth Stealer

  1. Oh yes … those sweet puppies lull you into thinking that they are all sugar but THEN … it’s 3am and you remember they are just babies. Babies who eat shoes (and anything else they can find to chew on).
    That first photo though? It sure would make a body go get a new puppy. Beautifully done!

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  2. I can sympathize, we have 5 dogs right now, each brought in as puppies. Yes, they are very cute, but they are a great deal of work when they are young. Sadly, many people get them because they are cute not realizing what they are really in for. That being said, I wouldn’t trade any of the ones we have, each has a different personality, but they are wonderful.

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    1. We so love our own hound and wouldn’t swap him for the world. People need to stop an think mind before entering into such responsibilities and commitment. If anyone decides to commit they will be deeply rewarded IMHO. 🐢


  3. She’s a beagle! The most loveable, greedy, clever and naughty breed in the world – you have been warned!
    I did a lot of drawings of our Bonny (sadly no longer with us) for a little book of her exploits I did for our grandchildren who loved to hear about her. Lovely ppictures.


    1. Thank you Anne, it is a relief to know that I am only puppy sitting for a week. One Foot Beagle goes home tomorrow and has really given our big softy Hound a bit of a bullying. I kid you not. πŸŽ„


  4. On doit rΓ©flΓ©chir avant de prendre un animal, Γͺtre vigilant et laisser aussi parler son coeur, c’est un cadeau pour toute une vie πŸ™‚

    We have to think before taking an animal, be vigilant and let also speak his heart, it’s a gift for a lifetime:-)


    1. Just have to give them time and get accustomed to them. In some places dogs are only used as guard dogs so naturally people become afraid of them. Their loyalty, compassion and kindness can be amazing and such reward for looking after them.

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      1. Wherever we are in the world, our thoughts get shaped by our own surroundings. That is why travel is so good, it challenges our own way of thinking and makes us view situations differently.

        Hope all is good with yourself Sreejith πŸŽ…


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