Christmas 2014

The Christmas Tree is standing tall, lights gleaming, the weather has definitely got more of a bite to it now and the wine has been delivered. Christmas is approaching fast and getting near.

On the tree we have Gully Gawk, our Icelandic Yule Lad (more of a troll in my view) to remind us of our trip earlier this year to Iceland. It’s great to have a chance to get together, raise a glass and have some cheer.

Amid all of this, our streets are becoming home for more and more people. So as temperatures plummet let’s also think of those less fortunate than ourselves and make a difference.

Here is an image taken in Cork City last week.

Homeless person on the streets of Cork City
On the Street

21 thoughts on “Christmas 2014

  1. You’ve photographed this man very thoughtfully John. As most of us rush about ensuring we have enough delicious food to go on the table and presents under the tree for family and friends, it’s good to get a reality check that not everyone will be indulging and unwrapping on Christmas Day… that we need to support those less fortunate in any way we can. Thanks for posting this photo.


    1. We are all human beings. I spoke to the man first and explained why I would like to take the image and he was fine with it. Here was someone’s son, possibly a father himself, a softly spoken man, a human being. I am glad you like the result of the shot.
      At this time of year I see so much waste and spending on absolute rubbish that I think we all need a prod (myself included). Hope you have a good Christmas yourself Margot….MM πŸŽ„

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