The Apprentice takes to the Saddle

I gave you an image that I chose of The Apprentice going for a ride, back in the post entitled Honeybear and The Apprentice. It might have been my favourite but not all agree with my view, so here are a couple more of the lady enjoying her equine adventure.

The trouble with the riding was that it was on a dull day and held inside a large enclosed building, so the light was none too kind. Might like to let me know your own thoughts and remember to enjoy yourself this weekend, MM πŸ€


25 thoughts on “The Apprentice takes to the Saddle

  1. Big blue eyes and happy smiles πŸ™‚ For safety sake, from someone who has had brain surgery from a fall from a horse, maybe next time ask if they can do the chin strap on her helmet up a bit tighter.


    1. Good notice, hadn’t spotted that until now. She might only have been going at a snail’s pace, but a fall is a fall, particularly from that height. Enjoy your weekend Lens Addiction, MM πŸ€


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