One Four Challenge – Part 2

Over at Robyn G’s Fine Art there is a challenge taking place where a single image is used and in four weeks, four different versions are put forward. For more details on this challenge please head over to One Four Challenge.

We are in week 2 of this challenge, hence this is my second version of this same image. In this image I reverted to the original and using Lightroom I used an adjustment brush to alter different parts of the image – The background has lost clarity and become darker, while the leaves have been brightened. That’s pretty much it and here is the image:

Autumn Wood - Version 2
Autumn Wood – Version 2

Last week’s version of this image was much more basic, relying on the standard sliders within Lightroom 5 that affected the whole image.

Going to have to up a gear or two for the next version 😰


14 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Part 2

  1. Great work MM ! I know what you mean about so many ideas .. I’m trying a few things out with post processing and it’s making my head spin Lol
    Such a good challenge as you say .

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    1. Well as part of my course I am trying to learn over 5 new application software – it gets so confusing, but all good fun……Better pop over to see how you are faring, are you n the challenge Poppytump? MM πŸ€


      1. Maybe in the future .. I seem to be juggling lots of things at the moment …mainly trying to master a few more skills with this and that . but it does seem to take a disproportionately amount of time for the end -not -always -pleasing result πŸ˜€ and then it’s back to the drawing board . All good fun >>> * mostly πŸ™‚


  2. John, I like this version too 😊 This apprears to be a softer lighter version and still so beautiful.
    I like all the changes and I agree the trees have become the focus with their velvety coats!!
    I know whatever you do for next week will be wonderful – it really is a challenge! πŸ˜ƒ


  3. With your subtle effect of darkening the background and loosing its details, you brought forth the focus on the two trees..almost like they are saying :”look at our beautiful velvet coat!”
    ..still..can’t wait to see you unleashing your creative monster !😳😊

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