Introducing “One Foot”

Don’t worry I am not introducing you to a one footed ghoul in light of Halloween, but please extend a welcome to One Foot, the beagle of Bantry.

For the purpose of this blog, let’s just call her “One Foot” as she is allegedly a “One Foot Beagle”. To get down to her level the Hound really has to drop had to the floor, but bless, he was very good with her.

I am sure you will be seeing plenty more of this young lady as she develops and grows.

Happy Weekend.


34 thoughts on “Introducing “One Foot”

  1. John you seem to be coping very well with the new pup, your positive and light hearted comments make me think this is one very peaceful pup or you are very very forgiving.
    We usually have opened our home to slightly older Afghan Hounds. The only small pup I have ever taken in was a 10 week old Afghan. The first week was more stressful than anything I ever encountered as a teacher of 32 years. I still have occasional nightmares!!

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    1. Well Denis, the easiest bit is she is not our puppy. The Hound alone provides plenty of ‘moments’. We were down visiting family where this pup resides, though we have looked after her on occasions. Afghans always look such proud prancing dogs to my mind, but anodyne can drive you demented with their ‘fun’. Overall you gotta love them mind. Have a great weekend Denis, John


      1. Trying to capture the pup by myself outside was a nightmare – each time you got a few steps away she would come flying towards you such that by the time you got down to her height she was already on top of your shoes. Tougher than it seems – that old adage of never working with…..comes to mind. πŸ˜’


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