Bend in the River

New ground was taken last weekend for The Hound and myself as I headed out for Glenbower Wood at Killeagh in East Cork. Autumn can be one of the best times to go traipsing through the woods, with a myriad of colours borne by the leaves alone.

This walk largely trails the River Dissour and its wooded valley and I was informed by a local that, if lucky, one might spy red squirrels in the woods. Luck was not with me on this occasion, but the wood was a reward in itself.


Bend in the River
Bend in the River


The easiest way to find this place is to simply turn left at the thatched pub at the sharp bend in the main Cork – Youghal road and turn immediately left again. for more information why not simply pop on over to the official Glenbower website.

11 thoughts on “Bend in the River

    1. Thank you Margot. For me it is one of those “quiet” photos that does not jump out but really works. I don’t think i could get tired of it and sense the slow passing of time. Enjoy your weekend Margot, πŸ€


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