Photo Interpretation – An Artistic Challenge

After exchanging some ideas with Didonablog, it was clear that here was an individual that liked to experiment and be creative.   From that notion a creative challenge was born.

The idea was to take an image straight out of the camera and for the image to be developed separately in order to see the results that transpired. There was no pressure on the image to be one of any distinction, with the idea being that there would be no limits on the development of that image. Thus one could crop, change the colouring, distort, use black and white, etc.

Once developed, the two finished images could then be compared, along with the original. I had great fun doing this, although with various work commitments was unable to spend as much time as I would have liked.

Here on my blog I give you the results of an image that I originally took with the two finished versions.

On Diana’s blog (Didonablog) you can see the results of our interpretations of a second image that Diana took in Berlin.

Out of Camera
Out of Camera

A great challenge and Diana is quite brilliant to work with.  Be interested to hear your own views on the different versions.

Now why not head on over to Diana’s blog to see our different treatment of the Berlin image, which can be seen at Didonablog.


26 thoughts on “Photo Interpretation – An Artistic Challenge

  1. realise i’m a bit late on this discussion, but conversations make as interesting reading as the different interpretations of the original photo. Seems to me that 2 is restricted to creating a variation on a theme. I saw an advert for the new iphone 6 on the tube today, and 2 is another variation on it. Very good. but….

    number 1 is taking the image and creating a whole new dimension and mood from it and is really more of an artists improvement rather than a photographers.

    Not being a photographer or an artist, more a dreamer I guess, I see the skill in both, but the artistry in 1. I really liked it.

    Disappointed also by the tone and negative comment by lensaddiction . Sometimes its better to say nothing rather than something not nice. Maybe shes a troll(?) and should be banned…or educated by her betters, from a past life.


    1. Hi John, comments can add so much to a blog IMHO. I agree that image 1 is taking the original photograph to a completely new dimension and is a talent in itself. Like with so much of art, some people will love it while others (such as Lens) will just not find it to their tastes.

      Personally I love to experiment and have plenty more to do and learn. No doubt a tough shell will be needed 😃 Hope all is good with yourself John. John 🍀


      1. Oh thank you Mick, i believed we both have learned something in the process..and that was a good aim to have! ..i always use to say..i stop learning when i die..
        Have a happy halloween everyone!!))


    2. Oh thank you John, you may not be a photographer or an artist but you definitely see beauty in the making ..and having an informed opinion and constructive criticism is most welcomed here! Looking forward to more of your comments on our next artistic endeavour ..

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  2. Lens, Not sure whose is whose, but in the second image there is little difference in interpretation from the “camera” original. A pretty safe development within the confines of a comfort limit I guess.

    I like the broader story and movement in the first image. Clearly a lot of time spent on it 🙂



    1. Richard / Lens, I should point out that the first two images are shown in “random order” so what may be the first image to one is the second image to another reader. They do have unique names which can be seen by hovering over each photo.

      In terms of the two images, one has certainly had a lot more creative development than the other and definitely pushes more boundaries. The other is a much safer version as you noted Richard. Which one each prefers is, of course, a matter of personal taste and opinion and it is great to get the feedback of both of you.

      Many thanks, MM 🍀 (and Diana)


  3. Im so happy to see this in action John.. So interesting. I love art and seeing different artists working on one project will always bring about amazing and varied results. Love that!!
    My One Four challenge (starting soon) is about processing images differently too with a different spin.

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  4. I like the concept of different takes on the same raw image but I have to confess that Diana’s style is nothing that I find appealing in any way at all, to be honest.


    1. And that is the beauty of art, we can all have our opinions on what we do and do not like. As a challenge I think it is really interesting to see what someone else can come up with from the same source. With Diana, you are more likely to get a contrast, something different, which is refreshing. So no problems on your point of view, it is totally valid and honest feedback is something to be valued.

      Enjoy the week, MM 🍀


    2. Glad your critical eye can identify differences in style. It would be useful though to know whether you are referring to the anonymous flower photos or to my blog on Berlin?? Kindest, Diana


      1. The flower photo particularly but wasnt a fan of the Berlin shot either. While the flower photos were anonymous, I am familiar enough with Mick’s work to guess which was his, and therefore guess that the other work must have been yours 🙂


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