Auditioning for Downton

When in the vets the other week (just a standard check-up, nothing to get alarmed about), a woman commented that she could see The Hound featuring in Downton Abbey. No doubt at his master’s feet lying in front of a huge open fire.

Well The Hound did his best to look regal in the woods last week, so I tried to catch him in a few of his poses.

Let me know what you think and be sure to have a great weekend. MM πŸ€

42 thoughts on “Auditioning for Downton

      1. He is a cross between a collie and some sort of hound – my guess would be German pointer, though initially we were told Anglo French Hound. Either way his character is second to none. πŸ˜ƒ


    1. He is a large dog, but oh so soft and gentle. Needless to say we love him and his antics – one person in the local park calls him the “Great Unifier” as he helps to bring people and dogs together on one big party. He just loves bounding along, wondering what he will find around the next corner. That’s both of us loving animals then….🐺


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