Stars for a Day

At the Everyman Palace Theatre in Cork many of the stars behind the productions simply remain behind the scenes. However, for Cork Culture Night they came centre stage to lead us all on a tour of the theatre.

There’s been a lot of change at the theatre over the years, with one of the first things being pointed out was the main entrance being moved from one side of the stage to the other, moving along MacCurtain street in the process.  If one stands at the old main entrance, where security doors now provide a barrier, and look up you can see stained glass above the doorway pronouncing “Pit Entrance’.

The tour took us backstage, up the flights of stairs to the upper gallery, along by the spartan and very cramped dressing room (the reason for the tour party numbers being limited) and through the foyer and boardroom. While each of the areas were of interest, it was the storytelling of our leading man and lady for the day that made it.

It might be just my opinion, but I think they really enjoyed their chance to shine.



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