Singing in the Rain

It seems that the summer is finally over as we move into October and the rain deluges down, hastening the fall of the Autumn leaves.

The summer saw pretty much just three days of what I would call real rain. Of course one of those days, when the rain was most torrential, happened to be the wedding day of a couple of friends. The photoshoot at a ruined castle was promptly abandoned and the rain held the upper hand. Well, almost.

It may have rained, but it didn’t stop the couple having a great day and smiling throughout. It was their day and no-one could deny that, not even the worst that the heavens could throw at them. I do recall, however, the bride telling me to come back inside as I would get soaked. Looking back at those images, they are among the bride’s favourites – a small price for getting wet and they do tell the story.

I think it says a lot of the couple too, that the most important thing was that they were getting married and the weather wasn’t going to get in the way of that and stop them enjoying themselves.

One of my lasting memories, as the crowd bunched up against the door of the church, was seeing an elderly relative, bespattered with rain, returning to the church, armed with an umbrella retrieved from a car. He then proceeded to escort his wife to the car under the cover of the large umbrella. Somewhere in North Cork there remains a bastion of chivalry.



So come rain or shine, have a great weekend. πŸ€

20 thoughts on “Singing in the Rain

  1. What great photos. I love them all.
    I have a photo here of my aunt on her wedding day walking up the steps to the church under a huge black umbrella carried by my grandfather. Apparently the weather was so wet that her beautifully starched petticoats all ‘fell’. I really do love that photo.


  2. Gorgeous, fabulous photos, John! A truly beautiful wedding day, whatever the weather. The perfect attitude from all the participants, and beauty of the skies’ drama to match. What a catch!!!

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  3. On a positive note, the rain truly makes the colours pop! And the smile on the faces of the bride and groom say it all – it matters not that the heavens have opened up!

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