September Photo of the Month – Over to You

Well September has proved a busy month and as a result far have been far fewer posts and less photographs. Taking this into account I have culled this month’s selection to 10 images and ask that you vote for your top three.

“The Trap is Set” looks like it may be at a big advantage, but if you just click on any image you should be able to see the enlarged version and then just scroll through the enlarged set.

So here is where you can vote, and please feel free to comment.

I will look to put up the results in about a week’s time to see which ones caught your imagination most.

Have a great weekend, MM πŸ€


22 thoughts on “September Photo of the Month – Over to You

  1. To be fine, I love that all. As I have to pick 3, I would say 2,6 & 8.

    Number 8 appeals to me more because someone has been kind enough print the place my mother is from. Kilwoth/Fermoy. Lol.


    1. Ah Kilworth, had to travel up there to play squash in the Munster leagues. A real cold court…..Thanks for the comments, I always find it interesting to know of any reasons people have in their voting.

      MM πŸ€


  2. You never make this easy for us! They are all so gorgeous but I do SO love, the Holy Trinity, the Trap is Set and Waiting in the Wings… The other 7, I just love!

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  3. Beautiful Captures πŸ™‚ I loved, loved, loved Cork, Kinsale and Cobh when over there a few weeks back. I missed the opportunity to get with you while over there, since it was pretty much go, go, go for the two days there 😦 Happy Weekend!

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    1. Hi there, glad you had a great time and I am not surprised that you did not have time for a meet up – it sounded like you had a packed itinerary. glad you loved Cork – did you go to Sine (the pub)?

      Have to look out for your tales / images…MM πŸ€


    1. Thanks Aidy for voting and your comments. I think the variety is not a conscious decision but just what appeals to me at that time. Sure I love sweeping landscapes, but a smile or lost ion thought are equally good. Timing is everything. Enjoy your weekend. πŸ‘


    1. This is an easy blog post to do – I just look at the posts of the last month and select a handful of images. Many people like the idea of voting too – everyone is a winner πŸ†πŸ˜ƒ


  4. Gosh John, that’s a hard call on these 10! I’ve put my vote in but really found it hard as I had reasons for all except maybe 2 being in my three πŸ™‚ What I did choose were The Trap is Set because I just love it; Windows – version 1835 because it is different and the title appeals to my sense of humour and Magic Mug, again because it is different and leaves more to the imagination.


    1. Thanks for your comment Lee – what I find really interesting here is your comments on your chosen 3. I wasn’t going to include the mug shot in the selection, but then there was something beguiling about it so I threw it in. Better go and check on the scores on the doors. MM πŸ€


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