Close up of Graffiti Face

Face of Triangles

Some of you may recall the images of Guido Van Helten which I featured on this blog and enthused about greatly (see Guido Blog entry).

Before the heavens opened in Cork City on Culture Night, I walked down Cork’s very own street of graffiti, Pine Street just off Camden Place. At the start of the street there are plenty of acid house “Mr. Men”, but as I got further along I took a bit more interest in some of the work.

In this post I feature an image of a baseball capped youth, with the face purely made up of rough triangles. The wall’s surface is itself very uneven, so it cannot have been easy to complete. The images below hopefully allow you to see the effect of the full image as well as the individual make up of this artist’s work.

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Personally I think this artist has been very clever and creative and I admire the talent of someone painting so close up to produce an effect one can only appreciate by standing back. A bit of Guido on a smaller scale if you like.

What do you think of this piece of graffiti / art?

13 thoughts on “Face of Triangles

  1. I think the image of Nan McSweeney-Bailey on the Pine St wall of the Camden Palace is even more impressive.

    It was only when I saw the image on the camera screen that I read what the lines actually represented.

    The regular changing of the Art on the Camden Palace may be a think of the past with the building now for sale.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Mixed Messages. I tried looking at the Nan Bailey piece but struggled to work it out. I even took a shot of it, hoping I would be able to see it later on screen. Alas it has still not dawned on me – I just see details of a zebra……..

      Cheers for the information πŸ‘


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