Friday at the Everyman Palace Theatre

I have to start off this week by saying a massive thank you to Naomi, Melanie and Seanie of the Everyman Palace Theatre in Cork City.  As part of Culture Night 2014 I got onto the backstage tour taken by Naomi and Seanie.

It was their chance to shine and boy did they take it;  seeing individuals so effervescent about their work with plenty of interesting stories and anecdotes was a joy in itself. Thank you so much for an informative, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable tour.

Here is one image I quickly took while in the wings off the main stage. Might not be what one would expect but I spotted a vital piece of equipment for anyone having to use their voice…..

Waiting in the Wings
Waiting in the Wings


More will follow on the interesting graffiti that you can make out on the wall behind the mug – there will be plenty more coming from this fabulous little tour.

Hope your weekend was good too. MM 🍀


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