Out of Afrika

Well this image is definitely out of Africa as it was taken in the backstreets of Cork City on a wet friday afternoon.

How could one not be drawn to this bright, but fallen, scene and the creative use of the old picture frames to create a mock window. For me there is so much in this picture and yet I dare say many will just see a neglected, abandoned store front.

In Cork, so ....Out of Afrika!
In Cork, so ….Out of Afrika!


Let me know your thoughts and enjoy your day.

MM πŸ€


17 thoughts on “Out of Afrika

    1. Tofan, good spot and I find it very interesting – I assume these are the words above the smiley face one can see? Thanks for the feedback, you have certainly added to the image for me anyway. A good demonstration of how more multi-cultural Ireland has become compared to just 10 or 15 years ago. MM πŸ‘


    1. I too have issues with graffiti, but here in an area set up for the artwork and not just deranged tagging I can appreciate it. On buses, people’s houses, businesses, trains etc…..I am with you…MM πŸ€


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