Washing Day, Wondering

A little while ago I received request from Laurie Bostian seeking permission to sketch one of my images from Kerala, India. The result is below and while I will let you make your on mind up, I love it. This was taken from my image “Wash Day”.

Thank you Laurie, why not check out more of her work?

Enjoy the weekend.

Personal Artist, Laurie Bostian

Many thanks to John Grant for allowing me to paint this using his brilliant photography! Many thanks to John Grant for allowing me to paint this using his brilliant photography!

The original photo use for this piece can be found here: https://meticulousmick.wordpress.com/2014/03/#jp-carousel-3295

John Grant’s work inspires me. Takes me places. It makes me laugh and hope and wonder. During the creation of this piece, I wondered about the conversations they might be having out there. I wondered what quiet thoughts were going through their minds. I wondered if they were running down a checklist of things to do after that task was done. I wondered what the temperature of that water was. I wondered what their personal struggles were. I wondered what they looked forward to.

The beautiful thing about painting figures is the opportunity it affords me to put myself in the place of another for just a short time.

Thanks again, John Grant. It was a pleasure.

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18 thoughts on “Washing Day, Wondering

    1. Thank you so much Dannie, it’s great to hear that you liked both sufficiently to do this. Isn’t so good that the internet is allowing people many miles apart to ‘work together’. Have a good week, MM πŸ’š


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