Well Done CAA

Cork Association for Autism held their first Fun Run last Sunday here in Cork City.

It was a great event for all calibre of runners, walkers and cheer leaders with blue balloons highlighting the way. The route itself started at Pairc Ui Chaoimh (the main Gaelic Sports ground in Cork) and finished at Blackrock Castle.

This post is to say not just well done to all those runners who took part, but to also highlight the sterling work of all the hardworking volunteers. We salute you.

Keep an eye out for more events at Cork Association for Autism’s Facebook Page.

6 thoughts on “Well Done CAA

  1. Fantastic! Great that the event has been such a success, and I love the many beautiful faces and emotions you captured. Every day I’m more convinced that mental health and capacity and the social ills and graces that accompany them are a much subtler and yet broader spectrum than we yet understand, and that each of us has his or her challenges, differences, needs, desires and gifts as a result. It’s cheering to me to recognize any of these aspects and support those who deal with them on a daily basis with acknowledgement, encouragement and the embrace of fellow-travelers.

    That’s one of the finest aspects of having such a community event, the bringing together of a whole family of caring and cheering people. Thanks for sharing it, John!


    1. Completely agree. It is also times like these that helps to restore one’s faith in humanity, particularly when we get such a bombardment of negative stories from around the world…Syria, Israel, Gaza, Ukraine…………


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