August Photo of the Month

Guess we must be heading into Autumn, with the leaves changing colour and falling to the ground. For now, let’s bask in the sunshine of summer as I put together a selection of images posted here on this blog over the last month.


All that I ask you to do is to vote for your favourites of these and you have up to 3 votes. After a week of voting I will then let you all know the top 3. Personally I always find it interesting to see which ones you like best, so please vote.

If you click on a thumbnail you will get a large view of an image and you can then cycle through the images in the larger format.

So here is where to vote:

This time I am not sure which one will get the nod, will be interesting to see.

Have a great week. MM πŸ€




17 thoughts on “August Photo of the Month

      1. It’s the second largest (land size) island in the U.S. next to Hawaii’s “big island:. Population size was dependent on the fishing season, but in the 80’s I want to say Kodiak Island had about 5,000 people; mostly made up of fishermen and the Coast Guard (my bio father was a Coastie). It was interesting, to be sure! Alaska is stunning – especially along the coast of mainland.


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