Churches of Iceland

The Hallgrimskirja Church stands out in Reykajavik with its hill top position in the centre of the capital city, but for me it is the smaller countryside churches that provide the most charm.

Here I bring you images of some of the churches we came across on our recent Iceland trip, taking us from Reykjavik up to Isafjordur in the WestFjords region. All the churches were simple and the locations (below a glacier, on an island, by the sea…) enhanced the images, as did the churchyards where meadow flowers provided a riot of colour.

In one church we spy through the door, looking back out, to see the local children swinging on the gate in a carefree manner. Look up and one might see the simple bells that call worshippers to prayer.


I guess that is just it; it is all so simple and beautiful, bare beauty.

Have a wonderful week.

24 thoughts on “Churches of Iceland

  1. Beautiful pictures of the church with amazing nature! Simply stunning, thank you for sharing this. Been wanting to visit Iceland for a while, your travel photos are inspiring to visit Iceland.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Your pictures are, as per usual, gorgeous and truly give us a feel for the place and people. I am willing to bet these people are as simple (as in uncomplicated!) and humble as their churches are…


  3. Wow, just wow. Those pictures of the churches. Can’t wait to visit there and just be in one of them, or in the field next to one. The Raunsandur church (?) looks like it’s sitting next to Bebouben in Sligo


    1. Thanks Tony, I’m sure Iceland would welcome you with open arms, it is such a different place. Like no other. I love the small churches there, as you can tell. Like Benbulben, many of the mountains are tangle mountains with a flat top, hence the reminder I guess. Have a good week, John


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