Buoys will be Buoys

Burtonport in County Donegal is the ferry port to the island of Arranmore, a short trip from the mainland.

Alas the port itself had a look of despair about it, with any glories very much faded. A small number of boats stood in the harbour while the ferry ploughed back and forth. Brightening up the scene I found some buoys strung up on a boat.

Colourful Bupys
Colourful Buoys

Have a colourful week, MM

19 thoughts on “Buoys will be Buoys

      1. Excellent, got an exam next Tuesday, keep getting asked back to do more photo work for a big bank, the Hound is happy, the wife healthy and the house pretty much painted. So good it is. How about with yourself R? Great to hear from you after too long an absence……..MM / John πŸ’š


      2. I just knew your perseverance would hold you in good stead. It is the grey areas that sometimes cloud the horizon and vision. Me? Re-read first two sentences.
        Life is good. Same as you…kept moving forward. Came out the better! Art table set up and ready to go. Photos you sent (AGES ago) are sketched and ready for attention. Still so much to do on this old house I moved in to. Weather holding (like Ireland…enjoy the sun while it’s here) and garden needs attention…17 years of neglect. That’s the short version…..xxooxR


  1. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Same to you, Mick. I once visited the Arran islands, maybe this was the post, I can’t remember tzzzz….
    I look it up immediately! πŸ™‚


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