Time For Bed

Now this was the kind of wild nightlife I had come looking for in Iceland – puffins congregating on the water below the small cliffs of Flatey, arctic terns continued to patrol the skies and……….it was still light. Okay the sun had fallen behind the horizon, but at that point it seemed it was not to lower further.

A check of the watch told me it was well past my bed-time, so with that I got up, brushed myself down and wandered back to the only hotel on the island.

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Ok we weren’t in the land of the midnight sun, but not far off it. While that sounds quite magical, the thought of a winter’s day without the sun actually rising doesn’t sound quite so appealing.

Thought I’d done the Flatey photos, but there is clearly so much to the little island.

29 thoughts on “Time For Bed

  1. I could cope with that sort of night life ! Clean fresh … natural . Great pictures .
    You really had an amazing time MM didn’t you … such wonderful photo opportunities … you’re selling it to me alright πŸ™‚
    sssh got a trip planned come the Autumn πŸ˜‰


  2. I heard it can be quite disorienting to not have enough darkness at night (and its opposite, too much of it in the winter ). Makes for beautiful photos, nonetheless.
    On another note, John, do you know anything about Robyn (of JumboRobyn and Go Home YBB)? I know she admired your blogging. I exchanged private e-mails with her last winter and then she just disappeared from the blogosphere and doesn’t respond to e-mails. Very concerned…


    1. I thought it was JamboRobyn. I had not heard her for a while so I sent a message to Robyn, but received no response. Sorry I know not what the best response is, but I hope she is ok. Let me know if you hear anything further, MM / John πŸ€


  3. We debated between Iceland and Scotland this trip to Europe but since we had obligations in Oxford we opted for Scotland. Lots of puffins there on Isle of May. Hopefully I will get to Iceland some day.


    1. Have to look up Isle of May, it is a new one on me. Been to Scotland so many times but yet to clearly see a puffin. The trouble is there are so many great places to visit in this world. I am a big Scots fan and will be back there again, don’t worry about that. MM


      1. The birds on Isle of May are doing well as nobody but researchers are allowed to live on the island. There are more great islands in Scotland I am sure but Isle of May was amazing.


  4. is Ireland a place where everything is beautiful and refreshing or is that you being too creative? I really love the pictures. Great job! wow πŸ™‚


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