The Service Sheet

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Eoin and Linda for a brilliant day on Saturday, the day of their marriage.

The heavens opened for the departure from the church, the congregation struggled to emerge, umbrellas were unfurled and readied in the confines of the porch.

This extra time allowed me to look around. Below on the now vacant wooden pew lay a still intact service sheet and around it lay traces of bouquet ribbons.

Service Sheet (1 of 1)

Hopefully you can see what drew my attention towards it. Have a great week and for Eoin and Linda, enjoy the honeymoon.

28 thoughts on “The Service Sheet

    1. Hi Jennifer, hope you got back safely and you enjoyed the rest of your time in Ireland. I can’t wait to see your images either. I will get in contact using your email hotmail account and let’s take it from there. I have to submit a business plan today so my response may have to wait until tomorrow, John


  1. It’s the little things that often get overlooked by the professionals that make great photos I think Mick. We had cameras on the table at my niece’s wedding recently and I took photos of things like the guest book, the DJ, the table decorations etc that often are overlooked.


    1. Well I am aiming to be professional and in the process of looking at a wedding photo business, so get me and you get the detail too πŸ‘ as we plan it as a partnership of photographers. 🍸


  2. Simply lovely! My daughter just got married last Saturday and though I left taking pictures up to the professional photographer, it was hard to let that go whenever something pretty (like the ribbon and program in your picture) caught my eye.


    1. I think many professional photographers concentrate too much on the people and not enough on bits of detail…..Just an opinion of course. Hope you and your daughter and new Son-in-Law had a great day.

      Over here it lashed down with rain. πŸ€


      1. It seems so actually. Thanks MM…it’s coming up shortly. I’m looking forward to at least commenting and viewing everyone else’s blogs. I’ll make an “announcement” in a few weeks. πŸ™‚


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