Blackcurrants and the Bean Counter

Well it has been a good while since I gave an update on the veggie patch, up in the northern reaches of County Cork. Since the Iceland trip you may also be wondering where the Hound has gone.  So here is a post to kill two birds with one stone, as they say.

The Sage has played a blinder this year, creating a polytunnel and moving on to the exotics such as peppers. Meanwhile his beloved spuds are occupying a fare patch of the real outdoors, along with the ubiquitous brassicas, with cabbage to the fore here. Come to think of it, all we need is the pig to be able to create an Irish favourite. Best not let this slip out near the Sage as it may just become reality. The bottom line is, he is working hard in his retirement while yours truly goes up to plant the occasional seed, scratch his chin a bit, shake his head slowly and pretend to contribute.

Now though, is the time of much celebration as it is time to reap. The freezer is already laden with broad beans, peas and blackcurrants while I have also managed to steal a few tubs of tatties and plenty of salad goodies along with some strawberries and raspberries.

As for the Hound, he had the delight of staying at the Country Retreat with the Sages for a couple of weeks while we were in Iceland.  This last weekend he tried to muck in with the  shelling of the broad beans. Let’s just say he provided plenty of amusement for  all and is looking as good as ever.

So here we go, a few images of the Hound at his chores and some of the spectacular fruits on the blackcurrant bushes.


So you can rest easy, the Hound is in fine shape and we are getting plenty of fresh goodness courtesy of The Sage.


18 thoughts on “Blackcurrants and the Bean Counter

  1. Great pics and the Hound is looking as handsome as ever. Glad you are reaping your harvest…great to have your own veggies I have started freezing and pickling as the gluts come fast and furious 😉


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