The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with John

The wonderful writer Britt Skrabanek does a monthly post under the heading ‘Life Entusiasts’. Having combined with Britt previously I could not refuse this invite, so here is a rather open and honest write up.

Go check Britt out, a great writer and super human being. 🍀

Britt Skrabanek

Last month Juliann Wetz from Browsing the Atlas shared her awe-inspired love for the liberation that comes with traveling the world. In my monthly series, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, phenomenal humans from all over explain why life is so enthralling to them.

Today I’m excited to bring you John Grant, also known as Meticulous Mickall the way from Ireland. Back in March John and I teamed up for a collaborative project, where I created a poem “When I am me, I am free” after being inspired by one of his exquisite photos. It isn’t hard to be enraptured by John’s photos. He captures life crisply with a unique perspective that I can only describe as beauty with an edge. His way of seeing life and sharing its awesomeness makes John a shoo-in for a Life Enthusiast spot.

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Go for it, John…

Having been asked by…

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