You cannot miss the Harpa Building as one heads into Reykjavik along the harbour front, all shiny glass and modernity. While I am not a big fan of modern architecture, I just had to check out this iconic building.

Its design echoed the basalt formations that can be seen in much of Iceland and I loved its interior space. What is also great about this building (at least while we were there) is that it is being put to good use. On one afternoon we were treated to some local traditional singing while one evening we popped in to use the impeccable toilets only to find the older generation merrily waltzing away on the large open wooden floor, in front of the marina and moored yachts.

So here are some images I took on my first visit when the skies were somewhat grey:

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You cannot miss it when in Reykjavik, but please go in and look up at the ceiling and take a walk around.

For information on what is on at this venue, or just to learn a bit more, why not head to Harpa.

16 thoughts on “Harpa

  1. That is one of the most remarkable buildings I have seen – I would never have expected something like this to be found in Iceland. My stand-out favourite would have to be Funky Ceiling


  2. That sure beats the Bullring MM πŸ™‚ Great picture show . Love the basalt shapes .. I see exactly what you mean .


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