A Clean Sweep for Icelandic Scenery

The results of the latest monthly photo vote are now in and scenery from Iceland has made a clean sweep of it. So without any further ado here are the winners, in first place (and my favourite too):

Library and Church
Library and Church


Next came ‘Westfjords’:

WestFjords in June
WestFjords in June

And to round off the clean sweep here is ‘Colours of Iceland’:

Colours of Iceland
Colours of Iceland


I was pleased to see that every image garnered votes, including ‘Between the Cracks’ which I thought might get overlooked.

Thank you to all those that voted.

5 thoughts on “A Clean Sweep for Icelandic Scenery

    1. Well I normally try and hoist them in the first 4 days of the new month where I can. Hope to see you voting next time Eric – always good to see your face come up..MM πŸ€


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