Birds & Future Birds of Flatey

Given the preponderance of birdlife, I thought I should collect a few images together in a single post of both current bird life and future birdlife of Flatey. While it was possible to get much closer to some of these species at the Latrabjarg Cliffs, there was something magical about Flatey that meant it deserves its own separate post. I was reminded of walking on the Galapagos Islands where birds would continue to sit on their nests right in the middle of the path, looking up at you as if to say “I got here first, walk on round”. Now it wasn’t quite at that level, but seeing a nest on the path with four speckled eggs and a pair of Redshanks holler and follow your every move kind of gave the game away. So here I give you in one collection, “Birds & Future Birds of Flatey”.

Once more, thank you Flatey where all the above images were taken.

24 thoughts on “Birds & Future Birds of Flatey

  1. What fabulous shots! What a treat to be able to get “up close and personal” with this wildlife… Great titles, indeed!


  2. So pure and fresh all of these MM . What a great variety in one place to be able to capture – lovely really lovely .
    Like your titles too;-)


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