Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

Between the road and the hedge lies the ditch. After rain, this channel carries the rain water until a drain can be found. This is also where a lot of the dirt and debris from the road will also end up.

Not always the most glamorous of places, but often clumps of foxgloves and montbretia can be found here to brighten up the wayside. It also plays a vital role in providing a rough habitation area. Β However, on Sunday 22nd June I was wonderfully surprised to see these lilies springing out of the ditch between the road and the hedge.

Ditch Life in West Cork
Ditch Life in West Cork

No artificial hand had to be used to get a better composition, nature really had gone to work to deliver. As can be seen by the dirty specks too, the image has not been cleaned using photoshop or the like, underlining the residence of these particular flowers.

So this is my response to the weekly photo challenge. If you want to find out more about the challenge just hit “Between‘ to be taken to the page.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

  1. Lovely shot, and what a lovely post too. Sometimes the most beautiful things in life are in the in-between, the simplest things in life. Can definitely see the specks on the flowers, but they make the flowers seem more real – which they are πŸ™‚


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