Weeds in the Churchyard

Nothing new here, weeds can always be  found in the churchyard. However, what if the weeds were a throng of dandelions providing a yellow blaze across a churchyard with a backdrop of towering cliffs?

Colours of Iceland
Colours of Iceland

I thought it worth a shot – this one is for you Aisling at Let it Come from the Heart as promised (though I changed the title). It is amazing how beautiful humble weeds can be and if you are still in doubt try checking Aisling’s blog out.

For those interested this shot was taken at Rauðisandur (Red Sand) in the West Fjords region of Iceland, not far from the Látrabjarg Cliffs.


28 thoughts on “Weeds in the Churchyard

  1. so many interesting lines in this composition: the geometric ones of church, crosses and distant gate softened by nature’s colors and flowers, and then the majestic mountain backdrop. Note to self: gotta go to Iceland!


  2. Simplicity . Lovely MM … the thought of those puffballs of seeds floating off like little souls is quite something …


  3. This is an extraordinary photo Mick. It’s too much symbolic to be reduced to that simple title. Dough weeds give an important hint of color contrast to the image, (for me) there are many other elements, so carefully arranged in your amazing composition, that it’s difficult to think in anything else different to life, death, God, faith, heaven. My title for this (I insist) “fabulous” image would be “Every soul goes to heaven” or something like that.


    1. Jaime, please feel free to re-blog under the proposed title. Part of what I was trying to do was demonstrate the beauty of the dandelion a much derided flower and what better place than under the church. The dandelion flower is after all one of the lord’s creations. It adds to the world not detracts. thank you for commenting and with such kind words, MM 🍀


  4. This one is really nice! I love the “weeds” blooming promising life with the crosses and the church. Wow so much symbolism here as well as a visually appealing photo!


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