Two Sides of Shandon – Part I

Shandon Tower is situated in an envious position overlooking the City of Cork. The Tower can look quite different depending upon the vantage point used, with it’s main door leading onto a street full of hustle and bustle, while to the other side is to be found a sea of calm.

Here we see the Tower from the street side, the relatively busy side, the church apparently hemmed in by houses and streets.

This is the side that is certainly best known as it would be used to reach the main door of the tower. It is in this area that you can find Cork’s very own Butter Museum, the Firkin Crane arts centre, an old fashioned sweet shop and the obligatory scattering of pubs.

Around the other side, all is different as you well see in the next few days.


8 thoughts on “Two Sides of Shandon – Part I

  1. Thank you for taking the time to produce a fabulous blog.
    Always interesting – I have enjoyed the Irish photos. My Dad was born in Cork (before WW11) so I have visited and enjoyed Ireland very much.
    As an artist, I particularly loved your windows and doors as I have always painted them.
    So I thought I would thank you for the food you provide my artistic soul.


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