Floating My Own Boat

Well the results of last weeks poll are out and it seems that the call is for me to just carry on with this blog as it is and do whatever floats my boat. Hopefully you will all be carried along by the very same tide.

In my other recent poll, you voted ‘Sligo Fog Tree’ as the photo of the month for April. That was taken in the morning when I had hoped for a stunning sunrise, only for the fog to get in the way. So I thought I’d now put up the image of the same scene taken on the iPhone the night before when ironically the light, though low, was way better. Not surprisingly there is a lot of noise in the iPhone image, but which one do you prefer?

So which do you prefer?

For me I favour the iPhone image, which underlines the importance of light and how it can make or break an image. Be interested in your own thoughts.



26 thoughts on “Floating My Own Boat

  1. It is also a split vote for me. I think I prefer the colour shot which has subtleties and less drama, but between them they capture the secret lives of a humble tree in different kinds of weather and for this I wouldn’t wish to choose between them. The bigger point that strikes me is that I really like the composition of both shots!


  2. Each has its own personality! The fog is mysterious and dreamy and the iPhone is stark and more dramatic. Both are wonderful (as usual!)


    1. Cheers Sarah, you;re right it is all about opinions. That’s why I run the monthly polls – to see what others like best. I find it very interesting and it helps to “understand the customer”. Just my personal favourite comes 8th out of 12th doesn’t mean to say it isn’t the best (as it is for me). I might just have different tastes (that could be more refined, coarser, more abstract….it doesn’t matter. Thanks for all your comments Sarah, I appreciate them all and a great way to get feedback. Have a great day, MM / John ๐Ÿ€


  3. Personally speaking, the SLR fog works better for me. The muted quality of the atmosphere with the high contrasts of the tree’s form creates a very strong mood that not only accentuates a feeling of mystery but also emphasizes the intricacy of the tree branches. The iPhone image while also strong is much busier and I am pulled in two directions – is this about the tree or the clouds? If both, for me they compete a bit too much with one another. I prefer the simple and mysterious fog that highlights the dynamic gesture of a photogenic tree and it’s branching. My two centsโ€ฆ
    Keep up the great work!


      1. It’s those differences which make life and living so meaningful, joyous, stimulating, thought provoking, and yes, at times vexing. Wouldn’t it be painfully boring if we all agreed on everything?
        Have a great week yourself!


  4. I prefer the fog, mainly because I feel it gives the photograph an ethereal edge and I like that in photography. However, the sky on the iPhone photograph definitely sways me.


  5. I like them both but prefer the low-light image for its eery quality and sense of foreboding.

    Low-light shots are a challenge, but I love them because they often produce such unusual results. Also, low light shooting has taught me the value of learning to live with imperfections. ๐Ÿ™‚


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