Church at the end of the Runway

At the end of the runway at Donegal Airport in Carrickfinn there lies a quaint old church belonging to the Church of Ireland. Its location seems a little inauspicious, but one soon forgets the runway as air traffic is minimal and the wildness of the surrounding area takes over.

The runway itself is flanked by two fine sandy beaches backed up by undulating dunes while the church lies on a small rocky outcrop towards the end of the peninsula. Here a scattering of dwellings signify life clings on

Alas the door to the church was locked, but inside we spotted a small clear vase with a handful of wildflowers from the meadows providing a splash of colour. Simple yet exquisite.

18 thoughts on “Church at the end of the Runway

  1. That’s just delightful. I’ve recently begun sharing photos of some of the local churches on my blog also. This one is by far and away the most lovely I’ve seen in some time. Lovely for its simplicity really.


    1. Cheers Julie, it’s my favourite one as you can clearly see the runway past the church and I like the framing of the church window, Gosh, I’m sounding just like an anorak – next thing you know I’ll be jotting down train numbers………Taxi…


  2. What a cute little church! I think churches are fun to shoot. I need to do more of it. I love the quaint ones like this although around here there isn’t so much space around them. Welcome back!


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