Will I be Left Behind?

This house has a sale board outside (one can just make out the post in the top left hand corner), but it was the flower pot the that really caught my eye. Standing alone in front of the lace curtained window, its single brightly coloured flower makes it seem that much sadder and lonely.

Will I be Left Behind
Will I be Left Behind?

I wonder if it will move as well.

16 thoughts on “Will I be Left Behind?

  1. I love the blue with the little pop of yellow… Hmmmm…. now where did I see a blue “background” with yellow flowers? πŸ˜‰


  2. Now see? I like to think of this as a positive note … hope! The flower thrives on!
    (then again, I’m definitely a glass half full kind of gal).
    I love the colors blue and white together, and the yellow gives the image a beautiful pop of color.
    Love this!


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