Weekly Photo Challenge – On the Move 3

For my final instalment on this theme I have played around a bit with the title ‘On the Move’.

Most of us will spend much of our lives on the move, catching tubes, walking to plough the fields, getting the bus to school, taking the lift to the 23rd floor etc.

In much of western society one might move out of the family house to go to college, move to find work, move to upsize to accommodate a family, move to downsize when the kids have left the nest, before simply moving on from this world.

So the following images have been put together to represent this week’s theme of ‘On the Move’.

It doesn’t matter whether we are rich or poor, muslim or catholic, male or female, we all keep moving.

For more details on this challenge and to see other entries just hit WordPress Photo Challenge.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – On the Move 3

  1. It’s true what you say! I have just moved house – not an enjoyable experience, but I’m sure it won’t be the last time I move. Nice shots and spin on this weeks photo challenge! Also, thank you for following 🙂


    1. Hi Amanda, I try and think outside the box for each of the challenges as wells the norm. This time all for the for sale and to let signs just jumped out at me as “life on the move” as it always is. Is Coventry that was mentioned Coventry Uk? Anyway best wishes for your new haunted pad! MM 🍀


  2. Lovely set of photos and a very creative interpretation on this week’s theme. Moving is not just about going places, but moving in milestones, reaching that high or dropping down to that low in our lives, or simply moving on. Love how your photos touch on this. Great work.


      1. Very nice to see some thought going into this week’s theme. Very specific shots that fit in very nicely. And yes, I appreciate great photography a lot 🙂


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