WPC – Monuments II

Back to Portugal for the weekly photo challenge of monuments. Alas, I have not been able to trace down a digital image of my favourite monument ‘O Monumento dos Descobrimentos’  (Discoveries Monument).

However, I have found some images taken from the top of the monument (yes you can catch an elevator to the top), which provides views of the P0nte de 25 Abril  (25th April Bridge) and the Torre de Belem (Belem Tower), two other monuments in the same area. I also include an image looking onto a map of the world, laid out in the paved area below the Discoveries Monument, and an image of the front section of the monument depicting the discoverers themselves, led by Henry the Navigator (otherwise known as Infante Dom Henrique).


Many years ago I stayed with a lovely lady in the old part of Lisboa near the bridge depicted above. It’s rusted colours were reminiscent of the Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland while its shape conjured up images of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. From the balcony of the apartment one could hear the hum of the traffic passing over the metal of the bridge, a strangely monotonous but relaxing noise.  There is now a second bridge over the River Tejo in Lisbon measuring over 10km. For me, however, this 25th April Bridge will always be THE bridge of Lisbon.

That’s enough nostalgia for now, the star monument for me remains the Discoveries Monument; it has a modern style, plays homage to men of the past, is unique and is in one of my favourite cities of all time.  To learn more of the Discoveries Monument you can visit the official site.


14 thoughts on “WPC – Monuments II

  1. Love the shots from above – I just loved the Discoveries Monument. I couldn’t understand why the original (built in 1940) was demolished, but I was pleased that this exact replica was constructed in 1960.


      1. Yes it’s very beautiful and striking. And the marble compass rose!
        Obviously it’s all much bigger than I realised – apparently it has a small auditorium inside!
        Wikipedia has all the historical figures named. Fascinating.
        Thanks, I’ve learnt something new. CC


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