Smell those Yellow Coconuts

I am talking of gorse, naturally. You know, the thorny bush with yellow flowers that encroaches on many a footpath, ready to place a scratch on an exposed leg.

It’s not all bad though. Β If you are ever surrounded by gorse in bloom, close your eyes and you could believe you’re on a tropical desert island as the scent of coconut hits the nose. The first time I really appreciated this was in Applecross, Scotland but have enjoyed this scent many times since. And then of course there is the feast of brilliant yellow of each and every flower.

I can’t reproduce the smell here, but here are some shots of the individual flowers.

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So take a new look (and smell) at the mighty gorse.

25 thoughts on “Smell those Yellow Coconuts

  1. planning on making some gorse cordial omce it’s in full bloom. Love the LOOK of it, not the FEEL of it. Wonder how I’ll like the TASTE of it. Great close-ups – it really is beautiful.


  2. Apparently, according to a chap who knocked on our door to ask if he could collect some gorse on our hill, if you chop it up it helps heal internal bleeding in horses. Ironic really – you’expect all those thorns to have the opposite effect! Lovely images,


  3. I’ve seen gorse while I was in Scotland, but it wasn’t in bloom. So I am enjoying its lovely yellow blossoming that redeems its weediness for the rest of the year. And the smell of coconut? How can anything smelling like that possibly be a weed?


  4. “When gorse is out of flower, kissing is out of fashion” – an old country saying.

    I too love the scent – even on a cool day, shutting my eyes and inhaling it reminds me of hot days, the pods crackling in the sun and lazy bees buzzing. Aaah, summer, where art thou?


  5. Lovely images, MM.
    I’ll just have to imagine the smell for the time being – I can’t remember having seen it (or I just didn’t know what it was called). It’s classified as a weed here.


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