At the Bus Stop

It was early morning and I was looking to catch the bus home having wandered around some of the old docks. The bus indicator let me know that the next bus was due in a minute. Many other buses passed and while the indicator now read ‘Due’ there was no sign of my bus approaching.

And then a lightbulb moment, looking down at the pavement, a cigarette butt, flattened chewing gum and a pool of muddy water I noticed an opportunity for the camera. No, really. Of course as soon as I had pulled the camera from the bag the bus rolled into sight so I had to be quick.

Waiting for the Bus
Waiting for the Bus

It was of course the reflected bare limbs of the tree that caught my attention along with reflections of the bus shelter. When the bus came closer I stepped back, the water was stirred and the picture gone.

20 thoughts on “At the Bus Stop

    1. Art times I also find it positive not to have the camera and simply absorb all the aromas, sounds and sights of a place before working out how to best reflect it. This is particularly the case when travelling to new con tries and cities. MM πŸ€


  1. Opportunities are all around us if we only take the time to look! ‘course the puddles are near and far in our neck of the woods right now! Great image (gum included!)


  2. I love this “moment”.
    Gone with the water… πŸ˜‰

    Well seen, my friend. I like it a lot. Not only because I see this tree…


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