Leaving the Bog

So that was Christmas Day, a good cold walk in the bog with nature and the Hound to entertain all. I think they did a pretty good job really.

Misty Morn
Misty Morn

As we went on our way the white feather in the ice remained unmoved, trapped.

Caught in the Ice
Caught in the Ice

The bulrushes were unchanged, no wind to alter their position and no movement in the frozen water.

Bulrushes in the Mist
Bulrushes in the Mist

I trust that you too could enjoy this walk in an Irish bog on Christmas Day 2013. Hopefully you will stick around and enjoy more of what is all around us.

22 thoughts on “Leaving the Bog

  1. There is nothing nicer than a crisp walk any day of the year.. In the past when my family were younger and living at home we would make a point on Christmas morning to walk around a local Bird Wild life reserve and take seed for the birds… And I used to love it when the lake had frozen in parts as we saw the ducks and geese sliding along the top of the ice..

    Thank you for your photos, it looks a lovely place to be..


    1. Flapping its wings somewhat, it did take off shortly after that , but this was the ‘cygnet’ that was definitely caught out most by the ice and struggled somewhat. Have a great weekend Poppytump. πŸ€


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