Ice Patterns

The flooded bog was frozen, patterns emerged on the ice, reeds broke through for air, swans slipped, slid and crashed into the cold water below. The Hound was kind of transfixed as well, sometimes his paws went straight through the ice and sometimes he just kept staring down at an intact mirror. The magic of ice.

Frozen Out
Frozen Out

In the next image it is as if a secret message has been scrawled in the ice, or perhaps my imagination is running riot, you can be the judge.

Painted Ice
Painted Ice

24 thoughts on “Ice Patterns

  1. It comes and goes here.
    We will be down to 20’s, then in a day or two back up to the 80’s.
    These 3 months of winter are so confusing for humans and animals alike!
    And the plants are just continually confused~


  2. The first image parallels how I feel living in a very cold place, isolated on a frozen spot in the world. It’s a great capture.

    The second one is definetely in code…nature is telling you something for sure. It’s beautiful, I could spend hours looking at it.


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