Iced Thorn

It never occurred to me that a thorn on a bramble could be a subject of beauty. Rather a thorn clawed at the arm that plucked the blackberries, and pierced trousers when clambering through overgrown trails. Christmas Day 2013 brought us this frosted specimen to make us think twice.

Iced Thorn
Iced Thorn

45 thoughts on “Iced Thorn

  1. Sometimes like here MM ice frost reminds me of white iron filings … Lol but somehow I’m pretty sure there are no such things …
    Beauty indeed .


      1. You’re welcome! My weekend was good indeed and hope yours was the same Mick. Simplicity is a great word–exactly why I like it. I used to like much busier photographs and art work when I was younger but of late simplicity has been the key for me–simple and peaceful, just the way I would like my life to be. oh boy that sounds like the beginning thoughts of a blog post! If I write it may I have your permission to use this photo or the one with the red in it or both? of course full credit will be given.


  2. A miniature mountain with an ice crystal aura!
    I, too, went out on a rainy, ice-melting morning and found all kinds of interesting details to focus on: one leaf frozen in ice, an unnoticed weed as a subtle silhouette against a frozen pond background, raindrops on twigs. When we bend down low and look close, there is a lot to see.


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